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Lazy Soccer is a multi-platform soccer management simulator developed with Web3 digital assets integration.

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Lazy Soccer Staff → Upcoming mint



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Q1 2024

Lazy alpha → completed mint



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0.69 SOL

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Lazy Alpha NFT

Lazy Alpha (LA)

  • A limited genesis collection with a supply of only 1.010 NFTs. The main in-game benefits are available for long-term holders of at least two Lazy Alpha NFTs.
  • Owners of two or more Lazy Alpha NFTs are able to mint the new Lazy Soccer Staff NFTs, significantly improving players' gaming performance.
  • The higher the rarity of Lazy Alpha NFTs the higher rarity the minted Lazy Soccer Staff NFTs receive.
  • Lazy Alpha NFT holders have the ability to create their own Unions.

Lazy Soccer Staff (LSS)

  • The game's main collection of 10.000 NFTs representing «tokenized soccer staff members».
  • Every staff member has five professional skills to consider when building a management strategy.
  • To boost efficiency Lazy Staff NFT has to be placed in the most suitable soccer club building.
  • The Lazy Staff NFTs work as a multiplier and provide game benefits depending on the rarity.
  • Deflationary mechanism to maintain a stable game economy: to obtain an NFT of a higher rarity, two lower rarity NFTs must be burned.
Lazy Soccer NFT


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Project Initiation

December 2021

The birth of the idea, the creation of Twitter and Discord accounts.


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